Male Brazilian Waxing

What you should know before getting your manzillion.

Male Brazilian Wax

Yes, Men get their hair down there waxed, and yes it’s much more common than you would think. The definition of the Male Brazilian Wax is the complete removal of the hair from a man’s intimate area from front to back (or as others have coined it, from sac to crack.) Jaira herself traveled to London to learn the latest Manscaping techniques, and learned from some of the world’s best estheticians on how to perfect the Boy-Zilian! In places such as Europe and Australia, the Brazilian Wax isn’t as taboo as people in the States may think it is! And Brazilian Waxing is something men should embrace and consider trying at least once! We have had clients (from all ages) come in and get the Brazilian Wax, and fall in love with it. It leaves your skin smooth and hairless for at least two weeks and for most men who try to shave or use other methods, the Brazilian Wax is simply a godsend. But men aren’t stopping there! These days guys want to get their backs waxed, their eyebrows done and even remove their underarm hair, and the trend is only going to grow. Because more and more men are realizing that waxing can be enjoyed by both men and women, and that it is a much better alternative to shaving every day. So to all you guys out there, summer is coming up, and we would like to encourage all of you to try a waxing service at one of our locations! We have over 15 years experience in this field, and would like to show you that this summer, you might want to consider a baby smooth look for the beach! Comment below with any questions you may have about Male Waxing!


Sugaring Brazilian Wax | $135.00

Using a sugar-based paste to remove hair from bikini area front to back.

Brazilian Wax  |  $125.00

Complete Removal of hair from bikini area from front to back.


Bikini Line  |  $65.00

Removal of hair from the bikini line only. (Back side not included)


Butt Cheeks | $45.00

Removal of hair from the buttocks.


Butt Only | $35.00

Removal of hair from the inner backside.


Full Legs  |  $85.00

Removal of the hair from the upper thigh down to the toes.


Half Leg  |  $45.00

Removal of hair from the upper thigh down to just above the knee or from the knees down to the toes.


Chest & Stomach  |  $65.00

Removal of hair from the neck down to the waistband of the pants.


Back | $65.00

Removal of hair from the nape of the neck down to the waistband of the pants.


Full Arm |  $50.00

Removal of hair from the upper arm down to the fingers.


Half Arm  |  $30.00

Removal of hair from the upper arm down to the elbow, or the elbow down to the fingers.

Under Arm  |  $25.00

Removal of hair from the armpits.


Eyebrow Styling | $25.00

Usually for those who need to shape or re-shape their eyebrows.


Eyebrow Wax | $20.00

Cleaning eyebrows.


Nose | $10.00

Removal of nose hairs.


Ear Wax |  $10.00

Removal of hair from the earlobes.


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