Hair Removal for Women

Feel Empowered, Feel Sexy, Feel Clean. 

Full Body Hair Removal for Women

At Jaira’s we have over 20 years of experience in the hair removal industry. Women being our first and oldest market, we can confidently say we are the Experts in hair removal for women. Having brought waxing to New Jersey, Jaira personally trains all of her estheticians to ensure every single client feels safe, clean and as comfortable as possible. Jaira’s offers Eyebrow waxing, Lip waxing, Full Face waxing, Chin Waxing, Full Arm waxing, Underarm waxing, Chest waxing, Stomach waxing, Back waxing, Brazilian Bikini Waxing, Butt Cheek waxing, Full Leg waxing. We offer custom waxing services, you build your appointment the way you want it.

The Face

Ladies, let’s be honest. Brows make or break your look. From micro-blading to brow kits to endless youtube tutorials, we are constantly trying to find the perfect brow shape! Jaira’s Salon has been shaping brows since ’99 and we know what we’re doing. Face the world with confident brows today

Cheeks, Lips and Chin waxing is nothing to be ashamed of. We all deal with it, and waxing makes it all the more bearable. By waxing, you think out your facial hairs, and eventually, decrease the amount of hair growing back. Take back your confidence today!


From shoulders to underarms to fingertips, feel clean and confident with Jaira’s Hair Removal Services. Underarm hair removal not only helps you feel more confident in wearing that cute tank top you just bought but also helps reduce body odor! Helping you feel clean and fresh every day. Our clients love the feeling of having silky smooth arms after getting waxed. It not only takes longer for the hair to grow back but when they do, the hair is thinner and less!


Choosing Bikini Wax Styles For You

Different hair removal styles work for different people and occasions. Our skilled waxing technicians provide a wide range of bikini line services using wax strips and other techniques.

  • Full Bikini Line Wax

Get a little more hair-free definition with the full bikini line wax. While you still keep most of your natural body hair, this style removes more from the edges of your pubic hair.

The full bikini line wax is often known as the standard bikini line. You can wear a wide range of underwear and swimsuits in this style.

  • French Bikini Wax or Landing Strip

Define and sculpt the landscape of your pubic hair with the French Bikini Wax. With this style of hair removal, wax strips are applied along the tops and sides of your pubic hair to create a distinctive rectangular shape.

The French bikini wax straddles the line between natural and bare. Our highly skilled technicians will wax all the hair except for the ones covering the labial area, middle, and back. The “Landing Strip” rectangular shape is definitely one of the most popular options, but others do the French Bikini wax with a triangle shape.

  • Brazilian Bikini Line or Bermuda Triangle

From the other side of the globe (or at least they say) comes the Brazilian bikini line style. The Brazilian style involves waxing the pubic hair from the top, sides, under, and also back of your pubic area.

You’ll definitely feel hair-free and confident with this bikini line. Some opt for a landing strip shape, while the “Bermuda Triangle” is another option.

  • Completely Bare

If you want to feel completely hair-free, going for a Hollywood-style hair removal service is the way to go! The process is a bit more involved compared to the other styles, but our professional technicians can get that job done in no time.



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